About Us

Our Approach

LANKA GEOGRAPHIC JOURNAL commenced as a Bi-Monthly Magazine designed to be presenting knowledge about Sri Lanka, a nation that has a very impressive heritage. It is a result of a wide variety of contributing factors which went through an evolutionary process ending up with a country which is unique in many ways. As one of the oldest lands geologically and due to its global location Sri Lanka is definitely an interesting subject for the Global Readers. We have decided to present it to you as an e-magazine.


Our Story

Sri Lanka has been known for her quality tea, spices, gems, elephants and some historical sites. It is very clear that there are so many untold stories about this wonderful land. For the inquisitive minds of the Global Readers, Sri Lanka will not exhaust in subject matter. It will be a very rich experience for any reader, whether Sri Lankan or Global and that was what encouraged the creator of the Concept in embarking on this project which is very complex though appearing as simple.

Founder & CEO

Creator of the concept, Ananda Ariyarathne is a graduate from the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya with exposure in Post Graduate studies . He is widely read and is with experience in foreign lands. He has always been a very passionate person about Geography , lands and the people of the world. As a student he saw his first National Geographic Magazine at Richmond College, Galle , where he had his entire school education, and thereafter, he never stopped liking that great magazine and it was the inspiration he got with that exposure prompted him to identify the potential of a high quality Geographical magazine about Sri Lanka.